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Living in Austin provides many more options for work wear than other cities. Traveling to Chicago or New York for a businessWoman holding camera meeting – man or woman, you are likely expected to wear a jacket. Selling more than $100k? Break out the tie or heels.

Austin provides even more attire latitude in the hi-tech market. Each company will dictate their ‘dress code’, and perhaps you may even be encouraged to wear jeans on Friday for comfort, camaraderie, and fun.

Are you over 60 and going to an interview at a cloud services company? Invest in a messenger bag and the right duds to show that you are paying attention to and respecting your prospective employer’s brand and culture.

Working at Thundercloud – piercings, bandanas, and ripped jeans – no problem! Probably not the winning outfit to separate most angel investors from $500,000.

Personal Stylists have been coaching executives, wealthy and famous folk for decades. Those of use who are consciously creating a personal brand welcome the opportunity to start the conversation with what they are wearing. Once you define your personal brand profile, find the leaders in your field, and/or those you admire, and determine their ‘style’ designation.

Fashion for men each day of the work weekAn easy way to start is to head to a department store for your budget with print outs of the style you would like to try. Find a knowledgeable sales clerk – or bring along someone who dresses the way you would like to model. Then, invest in one piece or one outfit. Purchasing pieces that mix/match will allow you to have more choices for less dollars.

Aligning your personal style with your personal brand while networking will be as effective as aligning your content/offers in the online world.


-By Grace Lanni, International Bestselling Author and podcast host:

This article was originally posted on All About That Brand.