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October 6, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
McKinney Roughs Nature Park
1884 TX-71
Cedar Creek, TX 78612
Life Awakened- Damon Flowers
(512) 710-8928

Business Owners…

Are you on TRACK to achieve your goals and objectives in 2018?

Do you have a VISION for your business and personal life?

Do you have a PLAN for achieving it?

Do you have a SYSTEM to keep you on track?

Most entrepreneurs fail to achieve the life they want. The cycle looks something like this..

1. Not really clear about what you want
2. Don’t have a plan to achieve it
3. Use brute force to make it happen
4. Run out of willpower
5. Try to wing it and hope it works out

Learn to use a proven system to practically guarantee you achieve the life you want for yourself professionally and personally…

In this workshop, I will personally help you…
* Develop clarity around your business and your personal life
* Build an action plan for yourself that you can actually follow
* Implement a system that keeps you going (and notifies you when you get off track)

Every ultra achiever I know uses a SYSTEM. Successful entrepreneurs use a system to identify what they want, lay out a plan for achieving it, and work that plan through to completion.

Visit the link below for more info and to reserve your spot!

Where I see most business owners struggle is they write down some goals and then get sidetracked with life. And, contrary to popular belief, your dreams don’t just happen because you write down what you want.

Without a system, even the most focused person on the planet will get sidetracked.

** If you struggled to reach your targets last year..
** If you want more, but aren’t sure how to get there..
** If you’re unhappy with what you’ve accomplished so far in 2018..

Come learn the Achievement Method™ – This event WILL SELL OUT!

Reserve your seat now and break through to the life you really want for yourself,

Damon Flowers
Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, Mentor and Founder at Life Awakened, whose mission is to help you connect with the Truth and Power already within You!