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Networking: How To Get More From Your Group

You regularly hear that creating and building a strong networking group is key to getting the referrals to grow your business. You do the work, but are you struggling to obtain referrals from your network? If you feel that your networking is not paying the dividends...

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7 Reasons Why A Referral Network Might Be Right For You

People who say that networking played a role in their success spent an average of 6 1/2 hours a week networking and had half of their clients from their networking time. However, people who did not invest as much time networking also did not report as much reward....

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10 Steps Toward Your Potential (1 of 10)

"The Paradox of Potential" #1 - Take Ownership of Your Life There are many reasons that we are where we are in our personal and professional journeys.  The past is the past, and we each had to navigate many good and bad experiences to get here today. Finger pointing...

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The Connection Between EQ And Personal Branding

This article from Michael will get you thinking about personal branding and how your emotional expressions on and offline are fueling your brand.  As a personal branding student, I’m always watching what the experts are saying and also what is actually occurring on...

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